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Real Estate Areas of Practice

Neighbor and Boundary Disputes and Damage to Buildings and Land: Do you believe your neighbor's fence or structure is on your property or that your fence or structure is on a neighbor's property? Have you suffered damage to land or home because of trees, water runoff, or erosion or landsliding? These are some of the many questions I have handled in the neighbor and boundary dispute and property damage portions of my real estate practice since 1997. I have extensive experience representing clients in these issues in both litigation and negotiations and alternative dispute resolution.

Home Purchases and Sales Advice and Contracts: Straight advice and preventative measures are the best way to avoid a costly problem later when it comes to purchasing property. Do you have questions about what a seller is disclosing, or should be telling you, or what you should do, either as a seller or a buyer, to protect your interests in a home purchase and sale? Do you need help preparing contract terms to protect your interests? Do you need a review of your contract documents and straightforward advice about them? I have advised many clients with just such questions.

Misrepresentations in Real EstateTransactions: Sometimes home sellers are not truthful in real estate transactions, leaving purchasers with unanticipated and expensive problems. I have extensive experience in advising and representing homeowners confronted by such issues. If you feel that you have such a situation on your hands, I can help you chart a path forward, including representing you in court or arbitration if a negotiated solution is not possible.

Homeowners' and Condominium Association Issues: I have advised and represented both associations and homeowners on a variety of issues including covenants and easements; enforcement of assessments, covenants, and rules; and litigation of those areas. If you have questions or issues concerning your or your associations’ rights and obligations, I welcome your calls for advice and representation.

Building Contracts and Disputes: However sunny things may seem at the outset of a building or remodeling project, inadequately drafted contracts and sloppy contracting procedures can quickly escalate to disputes that are very costly and complex to untangle. I can help you in negotiating a contract that protects your interests, and not just the contractor’s interests, and ensuring that those terms are followed throughout the course of your project. For projects that have gone off-course, I have experience in advising and representing property owners in seeking negotiated or litigated solutions, including pursuing claims for incomplete or defective work, delay damages, property damage, and claims against contractor bonds.

Landlord-Tenant/Evictions: I advise and represent both landlords and tenants on lease and other landlord-tenant issues and in negotiations regarding leases, tenancies, and early terminations of tenancies. I represent landlords in the eviction process and offer flat rates for certain types of evictions.

Please call for information about my availability for advice and representation in other real estate areas.

Family Law Practice

Family law brings in a host of concerns, such as division of property and debts (including retirement funds), setting child support, establishing parenting arrangements to serve the best interests of the children, and restraining and protection orders. The situations that arise in family law matters are as unique as the persons involved. I perform a careful intake in order to identify the issues faced by clients, including those they may not be aware of. Family law matters also require a focus on more than the “here and now”; they require foresight and planning to deal with concerns that may be ongoing or that may arise years, even decades later, such as arrangements for caring for and supporting children and retirement and pension issues.

Parenting Plan/Visitation Disputes: High-conflict parenting plan/visitation disputes, including those involving allegations or concerns of domestic violence, alcohol or drug abuse, and child abuse, can be the most difficult and emotional aspects of family law cases. That is an area that is especially close to my heart, having represented a number of parents whose relationships with their children have been interrupted by a breakdown of communications with the other parents. While representing fathers is not the sole focus of my family law practice, I have extensive experience in assisting fathers in taking the steps needed to restore their relationships with their children, including enforcement and modification of existing parenting and visitation arrangements. Giving constructive advice in these difficult cases requires a thorough client intake interview and investigation of the circumstances to clearly see the facts amidst the other claims and concerns that often swirl around these difficult cases. I use that approach so that I may give the best possible advice on a course of action. Paperwork Drafting/Advice/Agreed Dissolutions and Separations: Full representation in family law cases is not always necessary or desired. If legal costs are a concern or you wish to represent yourself at court hearings, I can assist you by preparing paperwork or reviewing paperwork you have prepared and in developing strategies and preparing for hearings. I am also available to assist couples who are pursuing agreed dissolutions or separations.

Probate Practice

The most difficult times in families' lives can call for a broad perspective on multiple complexly interwoven concerns, including real estate and family law issues, and the technical knowledge and experience needed to adminster estates and to assist in resolution of estate disputes. I have experience on those counts that enables me to provide vigorous and knowledgeable representation when the need for assistance and representation in probate matters arises.